Center for the Study of Political Islam International

The Black Hole of History

Everybody knows that Turkey, Egypt, North Africa, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and other Islamic nations (there are 57 in all) are nearly 100% Muslim. Those countries were Christian, Buddhist and Hindu. Exactly how did this change to Muslim happen?… Read More

Mohammed – Deja Vu

In the 1930’s Hitler and Nazism were rising in power in Germany. As the evil of their intentions became reality on the ground, nearly every leader in Europe completely denied the evil in front of their eyes. The drive to… Read More

The Victim’s View of Islam

Recently the McCormick Foundation financed a seminar about the print media reporting about Islam. The seminar was held under the auspices of the journalism school at MTSU, a state university in Murfreesboro, TN. It is part of the Establishment program… Read More

It Ain’t Funny, Mohammed

There is a troupe of Muslim comedians who have been touring the South to counter the stereotypical view of Muslims. They contend that these stereotypes are the core of the cancer that is American Islamophobia. All the shows are free… Read More

The Virtuous Bigot

We have a new kind of bigot today, the virtuous bigot. You can find a virtuous bigot by reading the writings of just about any apologist for Islam. It seems that it almost impossible for an apologist to resist proving… Read More

Kafir Civilization

On May 12 Bill Warner was the opening speaker for Geert Wilders in Nashville, TN. His 14 minute speech about our civilization and Islam is found at: Bill Warner, Director, Center for the Study of Political Islam Permalink Copyright… Read More

Mohammed, a Real Muslim?

The judgment of our leaders about Bin Laden: “Bin Laden was not a Muslim leader…” Barack Obama “He [Bin Laden] never represented Islam. I actually question whether he was a Muslim or not.” Imam Mohammad Ahmed al Sherif, Imam of… Read More

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