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Answers to 25 Questions

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Bill Warner offered on Facebook to answer questions about Islam. Here are the questions and answers.

It Depends on the Interpretation

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When you mention a Koran verse or a hadith that a listener does not like, they may answer: It all depends on how you interpret it. Pew Research asked one billion Muslims how they interpret Islam and the results are interesting.

Felderhof Interviews Bill Warner, 2 of 2

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The second of two part interview.
Topics include: what to do about political Islam, the corruption of universities, the censorship of humor, critical thought, why I sell small books, know Mohammed and understand what is happening today…

Felderhof Interviews Bill Warner, Part 1 of 2

[kad_youtube url=""]Topics include: Dualism, how little Muslims know about Islam, Mohammed and Allah as teachers, forms of jihad, the two Korans, Shia Islam, the importance of religious history, extremism.

Our Timid Intellectuals

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Since the attack on the World Trade Towers we have seen many experts arise who are not professors. Why? The simple answer is that the professors are too timid to do their job and speak the truth about Islam. Others have to do their work for them.

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