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Use the Word Kafir

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There is a word we must start using – Kafir, do not use unbeliever or non-Muslim.

American Truth Project Interview, ONE

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This interview covers Farrakhan, the Islamic Jew hatred doctrine, why do we tolerate such hatred and why don’t want to know, and if they do know, why do they not do anything?

The Most Persecuted People

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In today’s politics the biggest victim groups are Christians. Nearly everybody, including Christians, ignore the suffering.

Islamic Ethics

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One of the ways we judge people is by their ethics. Groups can have ethics, as well, and Islam has a full ethical system which all Muslims are to follow.

Objective Naming

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Will the temporary call to prayer that is broadcast be temporary?

Only One Islam

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We hear a lot about different kinds of Islam. How many kinds of Islam are there and which are the correct ones?

Slavery – The Whole Story

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We must understand the complete story of slavery, not the half story that we are taught in school.

Toronto Interview

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I found this old interview I did in Toronto in 2012. It was a fun interview and it is worth seeing. We cover ethics, the cause of the Dark Ages, the Crusades, Islamic civilization, how the Koran can be made understandable and why the Koran is an epic story and living with Islam.

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