Center for the Study of Political Islam International

Boots on the Ground Activists

This interview is with Dave Vance, who has worked for some years opposing Political Islam. Dave shares his experiences, tactics and concerns as an on-the-ground activist.

A CSPII Report: Political Islam and Women

In the news: According to the Islamic doctrine, every woman is inferior to or lower in status than a man. Every Kafir (non-Muslim) woman is lower in status than an Islamic woman, and she can be made a slave… Read More

Leaving Islam

It is very difficult for a Muslim to leave Islam. A public apostate, like Al Fadi, is a hero.

Intercourse with Captive Women

Why is it that with increased Islamic immigration into Europe, there is increased crime against Kafirs, especially rapes? The answer to this question is found in the Koran, the Sira the (life of Mohammed) and the Hadith, (the traditions of Mohammed).

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