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Is Half a Truth Better Than None?

Of Interest: From the website of Sheik Qawadari, respected Sunni cleric and Muslim Brotherhood leader Why Muslims can’t celebrate Valentine’s Day Relations Between Muslims and Kafir What are the duties of Muslims living in the West? Loyalty to their new… Read More

Three Little Pigs

Of Interest: Sharia law in action in Afghanistan. From that moderate Islamic nation of Malaysia: Three Little Pigs unfortunately lived in Britain. The Three Little Pigs and Dhimmitude When Mohammed launched his first jihad attack against the Meccans it was… Read More

Golden Rule Islam

Of Interest: Europe threatened by “White” Al Qaeda. (Thanks to A historical perspective on the Islamic symbolism of the bombing of the World Trade Towers. (Thanks to Islam-Watch and Alamgir Hussain) Al Qaeda control of Iraqi prisons. (Thanks to… Read More

Bhutto – Business as Usual

Of Interest: A Muslim teacher at Georgetown University expects that the United States will have at least 30 Muslim mayors by the year 2015.. (A hat tip to acocoran at The Muslim Brotherhood has members in all large U.S.… Read More

Diversity and Dhimmitude

Of Interest: Christmas Greetings and Gifts from the religion of peace inTurkey, Pakistan and the Phillipines Diversity and Dhimmitude The Society of Professional Journalists has rules of “truthiness” and diversity in reporting. Some highlights: When writing about Islamic terror, be… Read More

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